Dubai Healthcare Authority to raise awareness of Asthma

May 3, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Dubai, U.A.E, 3rd of May- in recognition of World Asthma Day (WAD) marked annually on the 3rd of May, Dubai Healthcare Authority in collaboration with Mundipharma hosted an event at Rashid Hospital to raise public awareness of the asthma epidemic in the UAE, which effects 13% of the UAE population.

Dr. Bassam Mahboub, Head of Pulmonary Medicine, Rashid Hospital, DHA commented, “This educational campaign is important for us, we aim to increase consumer awareness of the steps that can be taken to make life easier for the people living with asthma in the UAE. The campaign, was launched this morning from Rashid Hospital in order to spread awareness and health education among the members of the community about the causes of Asthma, and risk factors / preventive measures to avoid the negative complications of the disease.”

“The campaign will include free medical advice, to patients and hospital visitors, through the distribution of brochures, and pamphlets referring to the ongoing efforts by Rashid Hospital to promote health awareness for the community” added Dr. Bassam Mahboub.

“This partnership with DHA will help us increase people’s awareness on the burden of Asthma in the UAE and how it can be controlled for patients suffering from the disease” concluded Dr. Ashraf Allam, Regional Vice President of Mundipharma Middle East and Africa region.

In addition DHA will offer free pulmonary screenings today to visitors at Rashid Hospital. Patients and the community will have also have the opportunity to view Augmented 3D reality video of a patient’s lung.

For more information on World Asthma Day and for advice on how to control our asthma, visit


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