Mundipharma adds new range of BETADINE™ pediatric medicines to its growing children’s healthcare portfolio

September 20, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Nasal and ear sprays and decongestants will be available to patients aged 6 months to 10 years across Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

XX August, Dubai: Mundipharma’s commitment to tackling some of the most common healthcare issues affecting young children has been boosted by the addition of P’tit Bobo products, designed by YSLAB, to BETADINE and our extensive portfolio of medicines.

Mundipharma’s range of children’s healthcare products now includes: P’tit Bobo Nasal Spray Isotonic for daily hygiene of nasal mucosa; Nasal Spray Hypertonic for nose decongestion in cases of runny and blocked nose; and Ear Spray to clean and safely prevent ear wax build-up.

Yslab’s pediatric products will be available as part of an exclusive licensing deal signed with Mundipharma covering the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region.

Young children are prone to bouts of flu and colds, with some falling sick as many as 8 to 10 times a year before they reach 2 years old. With the onset of the hotter summer months, young children can suffer from flu-like symptoms as a result of spending time in air-conditioned buildings or from being around large numbers of people while travelling.

A proper nasal hygiene routine may help to prevent nasal dryness, colds and other infections that can cause discomfort for a child. The use of isotonic and hypertonic saline solutions to relief nasal congestion in infants and children offers safe and valuable therapeutic support to children and adults.

Formulated by experts in marine biotechnology, these new additions to the Mundipharma portfolio, offer children an efficient option for managing these conditions, while being respectful of a child’s health.

These products can help to reduce the need to use a variety of other medications, including antihistamines, antibiotics, corticosteroids during the treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections.

Ashraf Allam, Mundipharma’s Vice President for Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said: “The introduction of Yslab’s P’tit Bobo range to BETADINE portfolio will come as a major boost to young patients and their families living across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region. As children grow, their immune system is still developing meaning they can be prone to bouts of sickness. These new products are proven to be effective in helping to alleviate some of the bothersome Ear Nose & Throat symptoms that may that affect toddlers and infants.”

“We are welcoming this new agreement with Mundipharma, that will give P’tit Bobo more international visibility, and our new generation of natural products a great opportunity in the region. We believe this collaboration with Mundipharma will be very productive, ensuring a great level of market penetration to P’tit Bobo and our new generation of natural products, and leading to many opportunities of new product needs. We are quite enthusiastic about adapting to market requirements and learning from our partners.” – said Antoine de FOMMERVAULT, Managing Director of YSLAB.

™: BETADINE is a Trademark of Mundipharma.