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Mundipharma to be Gold sponsor of 8th annual EROC, held at InterContinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City.
Three-day event will feature healthcare leaders from across the world.

Dubai, January 17, 2018: Mundipharma, the leading pharmaceutical company, will further establish its presence in the region by playing a significant role at this year’s Emirates Otorhinolaryngology Audiology and Communication Disorders Congress (EROC).

Mundipharma, a gold sponsor of the 8th edition of EROC, one of the world’s most important Otorhinolaryngology events, to be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Dubai’s Festival City from January 17-19.

Up to 2,000 medical professionals and leaders from the global healthcare industry are expected to attend the event to discuss the latest breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of conditions as well as participate in roundtable discussions and lectures by keynote speakers.

EROC will also see Mundipharma present its Ectoin TM-containing range of Betadine products used to treat the symptoms of sinusitis and upper respiratory inflammation.

The Ectoin TM/ Betadine Soothing Relief range is expected to be a welcomed addition to the pharmaceutical market in the region. The prevalence of dust and other pollutants in the air results in high numbers of patients regularly seeking treatment for allergic diseases throughout the year. (1)

Professor Ralph Mosges from University Hospital of Cologne in Germany, will give a presentation on the research that lead to the development of the Ectoin TM / Betadine Soothing Relief range, which includes nasal sprays, soothing eye drops, and inhalers.

As an Othorhinolaryngologist and allergist, Prof Mosges has extensive experience and involved in several studies related to Ectoin, a natural ingredient in Betadine Soothing Relief, particularly its membrane-stabilizing and inflammation reducing properties and it’s benefits for the treatment of conditions associate with Nasal sinus, Asthma and COPD. (2,3)

The New Betadine Soothing Relief range could help in preventing some of the symptoms that are associated with  Sinusitis, Asthma, COPD and Allergic Conjunctivitis. (2,3,4)

Dr Yasser Hamza, General Manager of Mundipharma’s GCC Cluster, said: “We are proud to participate in this year’s Emirates Otorhinolaryngology Audiology and Communication Disorders Congress.

“Mundipharma’s role as a Gold Sponsor shows our commitment to the region and to providing the latest innovations and supporting treatments for patients  across Middle East suffering from nasal sinus, asthma and COPD “We look forward to taking part in one of the leading Otorhinolaryngology events and presenting Mundipharma’s pharmaceutical advances to experts from across the globe.”


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The BETADINE® range of medicines containing Povidone-Iodine is trusted by hospitals around the world for over 60 years to prevent and treat infections. A trusted brand among consumers at home to treat small wounds and grazes, sore throats, feminine infections and to stop minor problems from escalating into big issues. In-vitro studies show that BETADINE® medicines containing Povidone-Iodine kill a broad range of bacteria, viruses and fungi including antibiotic-resistant strains that cause infections. BETADINE® has four main categories of products in Wound Care, Feminine Care, Throat / Oral Care and Infectious Diseases to meet the varying needs of our customers.

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